CLIKON Bagless Cyclonic Vaccum Cleaner 4.0L 1800W (CK4426)


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CLIKON Zendust Master Bagless Vacuum Cleaner CK4427 represents a pinnacle in cleaning technology.

Engineered with a 3-liter capacity, this vacuum cleaner provides ample space.

Advanced dust container design is a standout feature, ensuring hygienic disposal of collected dirt and debris. This design innovation facilitates effortless and mess-free emptying, maintaining cleanliness throughout the cleaning process.

Equipped with a washable HEPA filter system, prioritizes air quality by trapping even the smallest particles. This system is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for frequent filter replacements.

The vacuum cleaner boasts high suction power, reaching an impressive 21kPa, guaranteeing a thorough and efficient cleaning performance across various surfaces. With a speed control feature, users can adjust suction power according to specific cleaning needs, providing versatility and optimal cleaning results.

Featuring a durable metal telescopic tube.

Lightweight and compact design offer unmatched freedom of movement, making maneuvering around furniture and tight spaces effortless.

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