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Deerma EX919 Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner


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Deerma EX919 Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner


  • ✅ Effectively remove bed dust and mites debris
  • ✅ Utilize ultraviolet light and ultra-high frequency vibration to effectively kill mites and suck out the corpses of deep mites
  • ✅ Professional UV sterilization, 253.7nm wavelength, effectively eliminating mites
  • ✅ Intelligent sensitization technology to prevent UV leakage, safe to use
  • ✅ High-precision silent motor, multiple shock absorption and noise reduction technology, quiet and not disturbing.

Deerma Powerful Dust and Mite Vacuum Cleaner

The Deerma Vacuum Cleaner is designed to remove bed dust and dead mites debris. This cleaner uses ultraviolet light and ultra-high frequency vibration to kill the mites effectively. This cleaner is effective enough to capture dead bodies of mites. It has an intelligent sensitization technology feature that prevents UV leakage. It has a high-precision motor that works silently.

Switch and Handling

The Deerma Powerful Cleaner has a single switch that can be used for tuning it on or off. This vacuum cleaner has an ergonomic handle that can be held easily.

Specialized Features

The Deerma Dust and Mite Cleaner has a professional UV sterilization feature that can effectively eliminate the mites. This cleaner uses noise reduction and multiple shock absorption technology for dealing with bed dust and mites debris.