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  Deerma TB900 2 in1 Smart Cordless Handheld Rotatable Sweeper With Water Spraying Mop Floor Cleaner | 230ml Dustbin | 0.28 L Water Tank | 360 Rotation | 70mm Wide Inlet | Tiles,Marbles Other - White


Deerma TB900 Sweeping and Mopping 2 in 1 Handheld Water Spraying Mop Floor Cleaner Rotatable Spiral Rolling Brush Sweeper

Deerma’s mop-sweeping mop realizes easy conversion between sweeper and water-spray mop, making cleaning as easy as walking. Just push the sweeper, collect garbage while sweeping, and disinfect the ground while mopping. Every time you clean, your hands do not need to directly contact the source of pollution, so that could be great hygiene and not dirty.

Product parameters

Name: Deerma Sweeping and Water spray mop
Model: DEM-TB900
Color: white
Dust box capacity: 230ml
Water tank capacity: 280ml
Size: 375 * 172 * 1309mm
Material: ABS / PET / stainless steel

【2 in 1 Floor Cleaner】Deerma 2 in 1 spray mop with a sweeper is easy to remove the dust, pet hairs from carpet and also can be used as a simple microfiber mop to clean the floors. Choose the floor type you would like to clean, attach or use the necessary accessory and you could make the cleaning easily! With this microfiber mop, you can quickly finish your housework and have more time enjoying your leisure time.
【Ergonomic Design】You just need to install and remove the pads by feet. With this mop for floor cleaning you never need to bend over, which reliefs the back pain for you. Ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip. Spray mop is simple to maneuver and no battery needed. Just squeeze the trigger to spray water or cleaning solution. Suggest use water to clean the sprayer after using cleaning solution that could extend the using life.
【Large Capacity Dust Box】170mm inlet port, you just push forward and take away the trash easily. With the 230ml dust box, you don’t need to often pour the garbage. One-click pour dusting needn’t disassemb. Recommended for cleaning dry garbage. Notice: Never pull back and forth. Just push forward.
【Wide Cleaning】Wide coverage, 110cm wide angel spray, make clean faster. Once you pressed, the spray distance of water mist can reach 110cm. Whether it be under tables, in corners, or in between furniture, this convenient mop and brush sweeper tool will do the job!
【Portable & Any Surface】280ml water tank capacity, allows you to clean your house without carrying a bucket around. Ideal for cleaning all floor types including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, linoleum, marble and stone at kitchen, bathroom, dinning room, living room and bedroom.