Intelligent Tooth Punch (L-10)


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Intelligent Tooth Punch (L-10) 


Main Features:
Smart tooth punch with 5 nozzles
The strong pulsing water flow cleans the dirt between the teeth and cleans the hidden scum between the teeth and the gingival sulcus, keeping the oral cavity clean and bringing a fresh oral experience.
1000 times per minute spray rate, clean the hard-to-clean parts.
3 modes: cleaning mode, pulse mode, surfing mode.
IPX6 waterproof, body washable, special waterproof treatment.
350ML large water tank, detachable water tank.

Name: Smart Teeth Punching Device
Model: L-10
Power: 5W
Material: ABS
Charging time: 2-3H
Working time: 20 days
Daily use: 5 minutes
Water tank capacity: 300ML
Waterproof rating: IPX6