Pukka Stylus Pen P1 (Compatible with Apple iPads)


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Pukka Pen1 Compatible with Apple iPads (Pukka P1)

If you’re looking for a high-quality stylus pen for your iPad, look no further than the Pukka P1 Pen stylus pen. This device is compatible with multiple iPad models, including the iPad Pro 11&12.9β€³ (2018-2022), iPad 10/9/8/7/6th Gen, iPad Air 3rd/4th/5th Gen, and iPad Mini 5/6th Gen.

One of the key features of this stylus pen is its palm rejection technology, which ensures that you can rest your hand on the iPad screen while writing or drawing without interfering with the pen’s function. Additionally, the fast charging feature allows you to quickly recharge the pen when needed, so you can get back to using it in no time.

If you’re in the market for a stylus pen for your iPad, the Pukka P1 Pen stylus pen is definitely worth considering. With its compatibility with multiple iPad models and advanced features, it is sure to enhance your digital writing and drawing experience.

Applicable model:
iPad Pro 4th (11 inch ) A2759/A2762/2435/A2761 – 2022
iPad Pro 6th (12.9 in ch) A2436/A2766/A2764/A2437 – 2022
iPad 10thGen (10.9inch) A2696/A2777/A2757 – 2022
iPad Air 5 (10.9 inch) A2588/A2589/A2591 – 2022
iPad Pro 3rd (11inch) A2301/A2459/A2460/A2377 – 2021
iPad Pro 5th (12.9inch) A2379/A2461/A2462/A2378 – 2021
iPad 9thGen (10.2inch) A2602/A2604/A2603/A2605 – 2021
iPad mini 6thGen (7.9inch) A2567/A2568/A2569 – 2021
iPad Pro 2nd (11inch) A2228/A2068/A2030/A2231 – 2020
iPad Pro 4th (12.9inch) A2229/A2069/A2232/A2233 – 2020
iPad 8thGen (10.2inch) A2270/A2428/A2429/A2430 – 2020
iPad Air 4 (10.9 inch) A2316/A2325/A2324/A2072 – 2020
iPad 7thGen (10.2inch) A2197/A2198/2200 – 2019
iPad mini 5thGen (7.9inch) A2133/A2124/A2126/A2125 – 2019
iPad Air 3 (10.5 inch) A2152/A2123/A2153/A2154 – 2019
iPad Pro 1st (11inch) A1980/A2013/A1934/A1979 – 2018
iPad Pro 3rd (12.9inch) A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983 – 2018
iPad 6thGen (9.7inch) A1893/A1954 – 2018

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