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Remax Soundbar Home Theater (RTS-10)


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 - Impressive Sound Quality
To provide the best audio quality, Remax uses 5 drivers of this soundbar pad where 4 drivers 2 “as midrange while 2 drivers 1 ” as tweeter plus the presence of a 90w subwoofer of 90w, Remax RTS-10 is able to sound very clear with a very good separation between low and high notes. This makes the experience of hearing the song and playing the movie more interesting.

- Elegant Design for Your Living Room
The combination of black body with a very minimalist form makes this soundbar look very elegant when installed in your living room. With a design like this, you can use this sound bar not only as an audio solution, but as a furniture to beautify your living room.

- Play it Wirelessly
Want to play songs from your smartphone. Relax, Remax complete this soundbar with bluetooth connection. Simply by connecting your smartphone to RTS-10 and you can already hear your favorite song right away.

- Support AUX Cable
For you who want to use this soundbar but do not have bluetooth connection, Remax give AUX port on backside. Port AUX has a high level of compatibility allows you to connect the soundbar to a variety of devices ranging from TV to PC and notebook though.