Rubber Mouse Pad


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Rubber Mouse Pad


Tips: our products are customized by thermal images, the smell is not big, they are non-toxic gases, and the smell will slowly disappear when placed in a ventilated place.
Product Information
Product Name: Office Mouse Pad
Product size: 180 * 220 * 2mm
Packaging method: OPP bag packaging
Color: Black

Attention: Due to the display screen, there may be a slight deviation in the actual color. Please be aware

Due to manual measurement, there may be a deviation of 1-2cm.


1: Regarding color difference: As the image is uploaded after shooting, there may be a slight color difference

2: About size: due to rubber thermal expansion and other reasons, the deviation of material thickness is about 0.5MM, and the deviation of length and width is about plus or minus 2CM, which are normal phenomena. We are all made in strict accordance with the standard size, and some deviations of the finished product cannot be avoided.

3: Regarding odor: The mouse pads are all made of real rubber, and during the production process, heat transfer printing and other high-temperature processing may produce some odors. However, they are harmless to the human body and have five toxins. It is inevitable that we will place them in a ventilated area to dissipate the odor before shipping. If there is some odor in the received goods, they can be left to be ventilated for 1-2 days or washed and dried with laundry detergent before use