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Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner XT6400


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Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner XT6400

- XT6400 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 3-in-1 Hand Scanners Cordless, Rechargeable 1D and 2D Scan Gun for Inventory.

Bluetooth Function: 
Connect the scanner to your device via Bluetooth function. The transmission distance in the obstacles environment is about 10m / 33ft. The tansmission in the environment without any obstacles can reach up to 50m / 164ft.
With CMOS sensor, easily capture 1D/ 2D(QR/ PDF417/ Data Matrix,etc) bar codes on labels, paper, and mobile phone or computer displays.
Operating Systems:
Support connection with smartphones, tablets, computers, register POS system. Work with common operating systems like windows xp/7/8/10, Mac OS,Linux, Windows Mobile, Android OS, IOS.

- Estimated charging time: 4 hours.
- Expected operating time: 14 hours.
- battery capacity: 1600mAh.
- Wireless transmit power: 20Bm.
- Motion tolerance: 2.1 m / sec.

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